The Accounting Career Fair Challenge

In the words of Rob Schneider... You Can Do It!

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Why are we talking about flu shots?  Read on to find out…


It’s that time of year again… time for college football to kick off?  That too, but more importantly, time to attend a career fair.


If there’s one thing easier than lining up against a 330 pound nose tackle, it’s attending a career fair and introducing yourselves to a bunch of friendly professionals that are dedicating a day of their lives to meeting you.


So with that said, check out our post from this time a year ago on How to prepare for the accounting career fair.


And let’s be honest for a second. When you’re walking around a packed convention hall after a full day of classes, you’re going to be tempted to pack it in early and head home. To avoid succumbing to this temptation, challenge yourself to achieve some quantifiable goal that will guarantee success before you allow yourself to peace out for the day.  


Some examples:


1.)  The fail-proof challenge:
Go to the career fair with 30 resume copies.  Don’t leave until you have none left.


2.)  The live off the land challenge: 
Don’t leave the career fair until you have each of the following firm-branded items:

  • Mini football
  • Re-usable bag
  • Pen
  • Coffee
  • Umbrella
  • Pint glass
  • Coozie


3.)  The public health challenge:
Shake so many hands that you suddenly feel the need to leave and get a flu shot (50 handshakes minimum!).
Walk in there with a concrete definition of success and don’t leave until you’ve achieved it.


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Brad Hughes

Brad Hughes

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