The 5 W’s of Summer Leadership

Your Summer Leadership some key dates and deadlines. Don't miss out on these amazing opportunities!

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Apply Today!  Do it.

Who:  Accounting, MIS and Finance majors

Every Junior is strongly encouraged to apply as most students will attend these conferences the summer before Senior year.

And regardless of where you think you may rank in relation to your grades, extracurriculars or even your flat out desire, you still should apply! Summer Leadership applications help recruiters identify students to be recruited over the next two years.

What:  One/Two Day Conferences to network, learn and have fun with individual firms.

When:  Summer…duh.  But applications are due sooner than you think!

Here’s a listing of some key deadlines.  Be sure to apply for any others you see as well, and get your applications in ASAP!

Also, keep monitoring your school’s job site…some firms have yet to post summer leadership opportunities but will be doing so in the near future.

Where:  Various cities throughout the country.

The Big 4 firms will have regional and national leadership conferences so that each major market is represented.  Regional firms will typically host events in one of the major cities/markets they represent.

The events can take place at fancy hotels, historic landmarks, tourist destinations or even the firm office itself.  Wherever the specific event, expect to honestly have an awesome time!

Why:  Summer Leadership is the easiest way to land a job!

If you get accepted to a summer leadership event, take it.  The exposure you will receive will go a long way in helping you secure your dream job. And be sure to come prepared…so check out some of our other RocketGrad articles to help you through the process:

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If you don’t get accepted to a summer leadership opportunity, there is no need to panic.  Firms will have to hire 3x or more students than they accept, so while Summer Leadership will be your easiest route to an internship, it’s certainly not your only one!

Brad and I didn’t even know to apply for Summer Leadership conferences as juniors, and we were still able to land internships.  It just took a lot more effort.

Again, the most important thing is to simply apply so that firms are aware of who you are.  This way, they know to invite you to firm events in the fall when recruiting season ramps up.

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Josh Tarica

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