Am I audit, tax or alien?

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Audit, Tax or Alien?

What are you…or what should you be…

Newsflash – this is a crazy, difficult decision (unless you really are from a different planet).

One simple choice can totally change the trajectory of your career.

Bad news:  Often times, you are tasked with making this determination without actually knowing what auditors or tax professionals do.  You’ve maybe taken a class or two, but there’s still a disconnect in terms of real world application.

So what should I do?  Talk to professionals, talk to faculty, talk to friends and take the RocketGrad Audit, Tax or Alien Quiz.

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Good news:  Think of your internship or first couple of years in public as training for the big launch.  You can always course correct by switching into one or the other, or even something completely different.  While this is an important decision, you still control your own destiny.

Still not sure?  Unfortunately, the undecided students get thrown in the undecided resume pile (aka The Black Hole) as recruiters do not want to make this decision for you.

So reach out to us if you are still unsure – email us at and we will help walk you through your decision.

Josh Tarica

Josh Tarica

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